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Basic Info:
Name: Annette
Age: fifteen
Gender: female
Status (picture if you want): single..

What are you like?
I guess i've been told that i'm funny and outgoing. I try to be original, and then again, who doesn't?
it's kinda hard for me to explain myself, really. So i think it'd be better if maybe you got to know me more.
I have a myspace and this thing if you want to communicate.

Tell us about yourself:
I can't live without my mobile telephone, even though the antenna is missing and it's taped up, front to back. Ice cream is my favorite food and i'm very sad that they discontinued the blue raspberry flavor at 31 flavors. My weekends consist of: taking pictures; of scenery, going to shows, usually mal; & movies. I'm always up to listen to whatever band and i love music, so if you have any intesting bands to show me, i'll gladly listen to them and i'll share some of mine. I can be really blunt and a bitch or I can be really sweet. Depends on how you treat me.
Favorite bands (5 or up):
Minus the Bear, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Unicorns, HOllywood Undead, Gym Class Heros, Saosin, Le Tigre
Harry Potter [Series], What My Mother Doesn't Know, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Donnie Darko, Garden State, Spun, Wedding Crashers, American Pie 1,2,Wedding

4 or more of you:

Members Picture (200 width by 250 height):

can you resize for me?
or maybe i'll just change the picture
if it's worth it
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+ i think that whole thing with your cellphone just sounds adorable.
+ your shirt in pic 4 is adorable.
+ you're cute!

i say yes.
thanks sweetie :]
you are wicked adorable!
and you are wicked NOT annoying.

I'm a show person myself.
I go to shows EVERY weekend.

My favorite locals are
Therefore I Am and Francine...

they have myspaces so you should check them out.
oh ill Defiantely get on that asap
thankkk you!
i have some great locals to share if youd like to hear some
yeah yeah.
It was close.
++ minus the bear
+ unicorns
-------------------------------------------hollywood undead.
they are unnecessary.
Hollywood undead gett it through your head download them songs put on your ipod, fuck that put it on your home page and be the coolest kid on fucking "Myspace"

not in the community just found it and looked through this
I loved you. =)
+ 2 pic
+ movies
+ ghetto ass phones are the shit
i like your dog.
most of your pics are horizontal and all of the ones that are vertical your face is hiding in some faint way

if i lived in a sideways world i would probably say yes

-----hollywood undead
+Saosin, Le Tigre
+Garden State
+Those huge glasses are hot
+++minus the bear and i like your name.
-hollywood undead.
-the statement of you either being a bitch or really sweet is overused.
thank youuu :]